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Homeowners or renters insurance policies may not cover everything you think it does, so let us work with you to create an honest, transparent, and understandable policy that outlines everything your insurance should cover in case of the unthinkable. After all, home owners insurance is about protecting you against unnecessary financial hardships during a time of stress or disaster. Coverage can range from:

Dwelling – This type of coverage protects (by helping you repair or rebuild) your home should it incur damage from theft, fires, or a handful of natural disasters (like blizzards, hurricanes, and lightning).

Loss of Use – Should your home become uninhabitable and you need to stay elsewhere for a period of time (like a hotel), this coverage will pay/reimburse you for those expenses incurred.

Medical Payments –This particular coverage will pay for/reimburse you for medical treatment should you be injured.

Other Structures – This includes protecting structures attached to your residence.

Personal Liability Protection – This coverage helps to protect you should someone make a claim against you for injury to them, or damage to their personal property, as a result of something happening from or on your property.

Personal Property – Similarly, this type of coverage protects/reimburses you for your personal effects that are damaged.

Regardless of whether you own or rent we will research the best value for your home insurance through an impressive list of partner companies! For more information or to request a quote click here. All sensitive information will be kept private and secure.


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