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Auto Insurance

Driving is a privilege and with it comes great responsibility! Not only are you held accountable for your safety when you’re behind the wheel, but also for the safety of everybody else in the car with you, other drivers on the road, other people’s property, and pedestrians as well. Insurance is important – and in many parts of the country required – because it covers damage or injuries resulting from traffic accidents, as well as protecting you personally against vandalism or theft. There are many different types of auto insurance:

Collision – Should you have an accident, collision coverage can pay for all or part of the repair of your car. It can also reimburse you for the value of the vehicle should the vehicle be irreparably damaged.

Comprehensive – This type of insurance protects you in the event of damage from to your vehicle, but are not accident related, including things such as natural disasters,  vandalism, glass damage, and animal damage.

Liability for property damage or bodily injury – This includes coverage for damage that is done to someone else’s property (like vehicles, homes, businesses, guardrails, utility poles, etc.), as well as injuries caused to another person.

Medical – This particular coverage will pay for/reimburse you for medical treatment should you or your passenger be injured in a car accident. This coverage typically includes doctor’s visits, hospital visits and stays, x-rays, and in the event of death it may cover funeral expenses.

Rental car coverage – Should you have an accident and find that your car is unusable (i.e. it needs to be repaired or was totaled), or should your vehicle be stolen, this coverage pays for the cost of a rental car for a specified period of time.

Roadside assistance – This type of insurance can cover anything from assisting with tire issues, jump starting your car, towing your vehicle, bringing you extra gas, or helping if you’ve locked yourself out.

Uninsured – Not everyone on the road is being as cautious as you are – not just with their driving skills but with their insurance as well. This type of coverage protects you from damages caused by a driver with no insurance or not enough insurance.

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