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Business Insurance

If you own or operate a business you know first-hand about all the stress factors that come with doing so! Allow us to take care of protecting your investment against losses and third-party lawsuits. Our agency can create a tailored comprehensive solution for your specific business needs to help safeguard against unforeseen events. Business insurance may include:

Commercial – This type of insurance protects you against claims made by third parties.

Fidelity – Unfortunately, some people have ill-intentions. This type of coverage protects your business against theft by or unauthorized actions from employees.

Interruption – If your company should have to close its doors for a reason beyond your control (i.e. due to a fire or natural disaster), interruption insurance would compensate you for the income your business would have received during that time; it will also help restore/rebuild your company should there be any damages during this time.

Liability – This protects your customers and employees should anything happen to them while on your premises.

Property – This coverage protects both the inside and outside of your building against fire, theft, or losses resulting from certain specified disasters, both natural and man-made.

Workers compensation – If an employee suffers an on-the-job injury this type of coverage would pay some or all of their medical bills; it would also pay wages they would have earned if the employee misses any work due to said injury.

Bonds – This coverage provides a guarantee that a financial obligation will be met, including License & Permit bonds, Public Official bonds, Probate and Other Court bonds, and Contract and Performance bonds.

Due to the uniqueness of business insurance we may need to schedule an appointment with you to obtain additional information. For more information or to request a quote click here. All sensitive information will be kept private and secure.


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